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“Let's Talk with Dr. Tabby” a Health and Wellness talk show forum for all ( Tweens, Teens, Parents and School Nurses) to candidly discuss public health, medical, social, developmental and psychologically issues from a persons perspective while offering professional guidance from an experienced family physician. Dr. Fortt had her National debut on the "The Maury Show" & "The Trish Goddard Show", as the local celebrity physician. 

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Public Health studies information for students, parents and schools to use.

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Raina11231: LOVE IT! This is an excellent and much needed forum for teens. Not only would teens benefit from this format, but it would potentially open the door for important conversations between parents and their children. We don't watch a great deal of television, but I would definitely allow my teen daughter to view this show (I would also join her). Thanks for thinking outside the box!! good luck to a great Dr. Tabitha Fortt.

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wlbandiii: Great idea for a show, providing a forum to discuss topical issues focused on our teen's. If anyone can handle it, Dr. Tabby fits the bill.

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RiccoEnt: Great Job ... very important topics ... in a nice setting

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balbert3: This is a great concept for a show. Shows that address teen issues is definitely missing from today's format. It's time we balance some of the entertainment geared towards teens with something that addresses their real issues. Not only is she a great Doctor but also a wonderful person. Teen talk with Dr. Tabby looks great!!!

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scalhoune: I love your video, Dr. Tabitha. Teen talk  outreach is so important since they are grappling with such huge issues in 2010. You're doing such great work as a Doctor, teacher, motivator!  You have my vote. Good luck!

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kmumgreen: THis is great and much needed . Our teens have alot internally and you have the experience and charisma to bring it out !! To a fabulous Medical doctor, mother, community activist and great friend ....Good luck and much success!

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