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There are many doctor’s office staff members who are part of our care team. They all play an important role in caring for you.

Stephanie Hernandez (MA / receptionist) Standing

I am the first person you meet during your check in. As an MA, I will take you to the exam room, check your vital signs (pulse, temperature, breathing), record your height and weight and keep track

of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. I will pass you to the doctor, but I'm not to offer medical advice. Customer service is my priority.

Ursala McCall (LPN)

Hello, I work under the direction of an RN and the PCP. I perform basic nursing tasks such as taking vital signs, taking samples, dressing wounds, observing patients and providing health education. As an LPN, I trained in a 1year certificate program and passed exams. I love helping people.

Guy A. Fortt, (Front Admin.)

Usually your first point of contact at your office visit will be with the front desk staff. But this front desk staff member will assist in keeping you on track with basic information and updates.

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